Strawberry Cream Filling

This strawberry cream filling is perfect for chocolate cupcakes and cakes. Very simple to make and only has 4 ingredients!

Rich Orange Frosting

The orange juice adds a tangy twist. It will go wonderfully with orange, white, yellow, or even chocolate cake!

Caramel Fudge Frosting

This frosting is perfect for spice cake, banana bread or chocolate cupcakes. You’ll want to use a candy thermometer to make this frosting.

Lady Baltimore Frosting

This frosting or icing is made for the classic Lady Baltimore Cake and is super light and fluffy. You may wish to save half the frosting for the top of the cake and use the other half to fold in dates, nuts and cherries to use between layers.

Quick Chocolate Frosting

This frosting or icing whips up in a jiff and is very easy to make. It’s the perfect multi-purpose chocolate frosting.

Mocha Frosting

Make sure to add enough coffee for proper consistency to spread

Lemon Cream Frosting

This easy to follow frosting recipe is very lemony and calls for lemon zest and juice.

Instant Lemon Curd

I recommend using 1/2 tablespoon lemon zest when serving this with strawberries and 1 full tablespoon lemon zest when using the blueberry/raspberry combination. You can make this in minutes and serve with a bowl of any fresh fruit, all summer long. A quick answer for a hot summer. Make several hours before serving so it […]

Fondant Icing

Fondant is the perfect icing to top cakes and cupcakes seamlessly.