Yule Log Cake

This traditional yule log recipe is a holiday treat especially popular in western Europe. The chocolate log is filled with cream cheese and decorated with whipped cream and raspberries.

Simcha Apple Pear and Cranberry Strudel

What a gorgeous and easy holiday strudel. It is New Year’s and harvest fresh with three fruits – apples being the main event. Filo dough, easily found in Kosher packaging, making this super easy. Juicy pears really go a long way in uplifting the tender apple taste.

Egg Nog Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies contain the same spices used in eggnog and the rum extract really helps to give the flavor of eggnog in the frosting.

Christmas Pudding

This is a traditional Christmas Pudding recipe that is well worth the wait! The combination of spices and dried fruit won’t disappoint and make the pudding well worth the wait.

Chocolate Raspberry Valentines Cake

This cake is a perfect fit for a special event, like Valentine’s Day. It is filled with ganache and raspberry jam and topped with more ganache and whole raspberries.