Clabber Girl:
A Pantry Staple

Clabber Girl Corporation is the leading manufacturer of baking powder in the nation. For decades, Clabber Girl has earned the trust of home cooks and culinary professionals alike. Today, Clabber Girl is more than just baking powder; we are a leader in the food ingredient industry.
Trust Rumford aluminum-free baking powder - time and kitchen-tested goodness for your baking needs!


Rumford is a core brand under the Clabber Girl family of baking brands. Trusted for decades, you rely on the time-tested baking powder from the Rumford brand.

A Trusted Brand

Clabber Girl. It’s a name synonymous with baking in America. And for good reason! Since 1850, our baking ingredients, including America’s #1 brand of baking powder, Clabber Girl, have been beloved by bakers of all ages.

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