Royal® Dessert Mixes

Royal® family of brands include a wide variety of bulk desserts for any occasion. Our food service desserts can help improve your cost per check and help satisfy your customers’ cravings for something sweet.

Royal Pudding and Pie Fillings

Whether you make luscious cream pies, decadent parfaits or offer it simply and beautifully in bowls, Royal Pudding and Pie Fillings are versatile, tempting desserts that are quick and easy to prepare in restaurants. Royal Puddings are available in a range of flavors—popular chocolate and vanilla to rich favorites pistachio and coconut cream. Layer or stir in fruit, candy pieces or crumbled cookies to create your own signature dessert. A brand known for quality, Royal Puddings will always be a delicious, smooth dessert customers love.

Royal Gelatins

Sparkling beautifully, fruity and flavorful, Royal Gelatins are gems to any operation. A favorite choice for restaurants and cafeterias that’s easy to prepare, they stand up well to your demands, reducing waste. Choose from several fruit flavors plus citrus and red assortments. Use it to expand your salad bar while offsetting the higher costs of fruits and vegetables. From salads to desserts, Royal Gelatin adds vibrant color and bold flavor throughout your menu.

Royal Gelatin also come in a number of sugar free flavors. Sugar free orange may be purchased in case packs, and other flavors are included in the multi packs citrus (Lime, Lemon, Orange) and assorted red (Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry) cases.

Royal Mousse Mixes

Lovely, luscious and light as a cloud, Royal Mousse Mixes add a gourmet touch to your line or menu without a lot of bother. It’s a creamy indulgence that’s easy to prepare: Only two ingredients create a stunning dessert that can boost your check average.

Be creative with stir-ins and toppings to create variety. Add whipped topping and sliced berries to Royal Strawberry Mousse or mix instant espresso granules with Royal Chocolate Mousse.

Our mousse flavors include chocolate, strawberry and triple mint. Royal Mousse Mixes are the most versatile ingredients on your menu!

Royal Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are the number-one sellers among desserts. Your customers love the rich, luxurious flavor and the creamy texture to complete their meal. And Royal Cheesecake makes this favorite easy, saving you time and money. You save substantially over buying and inventorying finished products because you can customize Royal Cheesecake, creating a number of delectable high-end flavors from a single bag. Just think of the tempting possibilities. Top with fresh fruit sparked with cinnamon or zinged with lemon rind. Stir in buttery toffee chunks, crunchy nuts or mini-chocolate chips. Fold in slightly crushed chocolate wafer cookies. Drizzle on flavored toppings. So easy. So delicious. So versatile. No wonder Royal Cheesecake is loved by patrons and food service professionals alike.

Royal Flan

Flan is the perfect end to a meal. Once reserved for special occasions, Flan is becoming a mainstream menu item. This enticing, authentic dessert has a velvety texture, is easy to prepare and delivers consistent taste every time. Offering superior flavor, it appeals to operators for its simple preparation and to patrons for its rich, creamy texture and attractive presentation.

Flan mixes offer a rich presentation at an affordable price. Royal Flan Mixes are:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Economical

Royal® is a registered trademark of the JelSert Company.


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