Quick Fix Flour Infographics

Bake every day, all day with these tips and tricks!

It happens to all of us- a strong craving for cookies hits but we’re out of all-purpose flour! Or a recipe calls for cake flour and a special trip to the store is out of the question. What’s one to do in such situations? Check out these handy flour infographics for help on how to make the best of any kitchen conundrum!


Flour Substitutions

When you run out of good ol’ all-purpose, have no fear! You can substitute any flour using these instructions.

All-purpose flour substitution infographic

Different Types of Flour

If you’re not quite sure which flour to use for a certain recipe, check out this guide!

Flour protein content by type and best use infographic


DIY Flour Mixes

If you don’t have bread flour, make your own! We can show you how!

diy flour mix infographic


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