Quick Breads


Banana Nut BreadMoist Banana Bread

This bread was so easy to make, and very moist. It uses 1 cup mashed bananas, and I used butter rather than shortening because I like the flavor butter gives to my baked goods.

Also, the nuts I used were chopped pecans – I toasted them in the oven for a few minutes before adding them – it gives great flavor!

Try Moist Banana Bread.


  1. Love the bread hate the nuts cause we are a tree nut free family, so we made it without. the bread is rally, realllly moist and good. We’re going to try the frosted banana bread. It looks spicier without as much banana.

  2. I had a recipe to mix backing soda with another product but cant remember what it makes snowflakes with pipe cleaners.

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