Pudding and Pie Filling – Royal, Chocolate, 28 oz. Bag (1)


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28 oz (1.75 lb.) bag of Royal® Instant Chocolate Pudding. One package yields 18 cups or five 10-inch pies or six 9-inch pies. Just add cold milk to mix, sets in 2 hours. Whether you make a luscious cream pie, create a decadent parfait or offer it simply and beautifully in a bowl.

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Manufacture sku: 48321

Manufacture GTIN: 20041617485211

  • 28 oz (1.75 lb.) bag of Royal Instant Chocolate Pudding
  • Just add cold milk, pour into serving dish or prepared pie crusts and pudding will set in just 15 minutes
  • One bag yields 18 cups of prepared pudding (36 1/2 cup servings) or 5 10-inch pies or 6 9-inch pies

Weight 1.75 lbs