Makeover An All-American Favorite

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! If there’s one all-American treat that everyone can, and should, master it’s the basic chocolate chip cookie.  Aside from the fact that they are way better than the packaged alternative, nothing will give you instant baker credibility like homemade cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, and a good basic recipe will make it easy to impress everyone from the coworkers to the in-laws.

We like to think of the chocolate chip cookie as a good base for culinary creativity. A gateway, if you will, to more sophisticated, trendy and whimsical variations. Check out some of our favorite ways to take your favorite basic recipe to the next level with a few simple swaps and additions:

Dried cherries & dark chocolate – We love this pairing, as the cherries add a nice, slightly tart, chewy component. And since dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, why, these are practically health food!

Espresso powder & mint chocolate chips – If you love the mint mochas at your favorite coffee shop, you’ll love this combination.

Pretzel pieces & butterscotch chips – Pretzels are everywhere these days, and their salty crunch is the perfect match for super-sweet butterscotch chips.

Toffee bits & milk chocolate chips – Buttery toffee adds a nice crunch when paired with smooth milk chocolate chips. Add pecans for extra pizzazz.

White chocolate & sprinkles – Cake batter flavored treats are so popular right now. We know kids and grown-ups alike are going to go crazy for these sprinkled cookies.

More Cookie Tips

  • Always use real butter for best results
  • Change up the texture by chopping chocolate rather than using chips
  • Toast nuts like pecans and walnuts for best flavor
  • Use a scoop for uniform cookies

Check out some of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes in the Clabber Girl Recipe Archives.


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