Kids in the Kitchen

Looking to engage your child in baking? Kids of all ages can be involved under close adult supervision. The key is giving them age appropriate tasks.


Preschoolers require constant supervision in the kitchen but love being involved in cooking and baking, especially so they can eat their favorite foods they had a hand in making!

  • Learn to wash hands thoroughly
  • Read the recipe out loud to child
  • Have a child help help pull out room temperature ingredients and setting them on the counter
  • Measure room temperature ingredients yourself, but let the child add the ingredient to the bowl
  • Stir, whisk, beat ingredients as needed
  • Use rolling pins and cookie cutters with adult supervision and help
  • Sprinkle baked goods with fruits, streusel, sprinkles or candies
  • Watch baked goods in the oven through the safety glass with oven light on

K – 2nd Grade

Children in Kindergarten through second grade can do everything preschoolers can plus the following, still under close supervision.

  • Let your child read the recipe to you
  • Wash all produce thoroughly
  • Measure room temperature ingredients and put into the mixing bowl
  • Knead and shape dough

3rd – 6th grade

Older elementary age school children can accomplish quite a lot with experience in the kitchen.

  • Read the recipe and assemble all the room temperature ingredients needed
  • Help plan foods to prepare, add ingredients to grocery list
  • Assist younger kids in kitchen basics they have mastered, with adult supervision