Encap Ingredients

giant-containers-of-flour-for-industrial-bakingClabber Girl’s encapsulated ingredients combine traditional ingredients with a coating of lipids to ensure consistent, quality baked goods through a controlled ingredient release process. At Clabber Girl, we employ a proprietary multi-phase encapsulation technique which utilizes a protective lipid coating. This coating creates a barrier to preserve the active ingredients during food processing, releasing them at just the right moment for maximum effectiveness.

Our proprietary system, which allows us to make a product that works in phases, is different from traditional spray chilled systems. Traditional processes spray a coating on the active ingredient covering the entire product, offering activation of the ingredient at a set stage in the baking process. The Clabber Girl encapsulation process allows us to make encapsulates that are activated at multiple stages in the baking process, customizable to the needs of each application.

We have several different encapsulated ingredients for many different applications, and we can also customize an ingredient for your specific needs and conditions.



Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate

Clabber Girl Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate prevents premature reaction with acids, providing bakers with greater control over the baking process. By encapsulating the baking soda, you are able to freeze doughs and still have an active leavening agent without the addition of baking soda after thawing. We have several different formulas so that you get the right amount of leavening at the right time.

Encapsulated Fumaric Acid

Clabber Girl Encapsulated Fumaric Acid provides controlled ingredient release to maximize yeast development and control pH for improved shelf life. This product is ideal for breads and tortillas and will help to give you the right texture you are looking for.