Clabber Girl Corporation is committed to researching and developing leavening agents for the modern age. We look at your specific needs and come up with leavening agents that will extend shelf life, work in gluten-free applications and in can even last through freezing and thawing.

Tortilla Leavening

Quality tortillas are known for their tenderness and flavor. Clabber Girl’s encapsulated sodium bicarbonate ingredients are the key to achieving the perfect tortilla every time.

Pizza Leavening

If water is added to a dry mix prematurely, carbon dioxide gas can escape. Clabber Girl’s encapsulated sodium bicarbonate provides a protective lipid coating that helps ensure quality pizza dough even if it is frozen or refrigerated prior to use. You’ll get the rise you need and reduce waste.

Leavening for Bakeries

Clabber Girl’s complete leavening systems utilize customized blends and encapsulation technology to provide greater control over baking results. Depending on your specific needs, our research and development team can help design a custom formula for each of the baked goods you are producing.

Frozen Leavening System

Frozen dough and batter can lose carbon dioxide due to moisture in the freezer. Clabber Girl’s encapsulation ingredients prevents carbon dioxide loss, for improved results and reduced costs when baking frozen dough.

Leavening in Gluten-Free Applications

If you are baking gluten-free goods, we have just the leavening agents to help you achieve great tasting results. Our custom formulas work perfectly with gluten-free flours and provides controlled leavening in breads and tortillas.


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