Worldwide, Clabber Girl is known for being an expert in chemical leavening. Our research and development team has developed an industrial line of leavening and preserving ingredients designed specifically for commercial bakers. Using our proprietary encapsulation technology and custom formulations, our industrial baking ingredients enhance quality, improve shelf life and reduce manufacturing costs for multiple baking applications including bread, tortillas, pizza dough and batters.

Clean Label

Clabber Girl Corporation can help you meet clean label standards for non-GMO. We care about helping to clean up your labels and can assist you in achieving simple and easy to understand labels that will appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Leavening Systems

Clabber Girl’s complete leavening systems utilize customized industrial baking ingredients to provide greater control over baking results. We have a variety of formulas available and can create a custom formula for your unique needs.

Encapsulated Ingredients

Clabber Girl’s team of food scientists has worked to develop a number of encapsulated bases and acids to help stabilize food, increase shelf life and even work with gluten-free recipes. We can create custom formulas for commercial bakers to reduce waste and increase efficiency even in frozen or refrigerated products.


Clabber Girl has a full line of industrial baking ingredients and can even customize a leavening product for your exact needs. We have specific formulas for frozen applications, pizza dough, yeast breads, tortillas and bakery items.

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