Happy Holidays with Cherries and Cream (with chocolate)!

Cherries and Cream Quick BreadEveryone seems to be in the baking spirit when the holidays roll around.  Here at Clabber Girl we are busy looking into new recipes, working with bloggers to add new and exciting ways to bake AND teach you what we learn!

Bakers Royale blogger Naomi worked with our Cherries and Cream Quick Bread recipe to vamp it up and improve the flavor.  As usual she did not disappoint!  Mini chocolate chips and sliced almonds added to the batter gives that special touch that helps incorporate a chocolate covered cherry flavor to this recipe.  The beautiful vanilla-chocolate glaze is topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries, making this a creation worthy of any banquet or buffet!  Get the updated Cherries and Cream Quickbread Recipe here.

Read Naomi’s blog post here