Giving Thanks to our Customers

1933 Grocery Store with Clabber Girl Baking PowderClabber Girl has been the leading baking powder in America for decades. We wouldn’t be here without the loyalty of our customers and want to take some time to thank you.

Why are we giving thanks?

Thank you for not just using our baking powder, but for passing along family traditions of baking at home to the next generation. Almost every family has its own special baking traditions. You have helped pass along family favorites from biscuits and cornbread to holiday specialties like pumpkin rolls and sugar cookies. Clabber Girl is used as a leavening agent in kitchens by hands small and large.

So what is baking powder exactly?

Clabber Girl gets its name from clabber milk. Before the invention of baking powder in the 1870s, people left milk out at room temperature to sour. This sour milk was called clabber milk.  Clabber Girl earned its reputation in the 1920s and 1930s after a nationwide advertising campaign made it a recognizable household brand. From billboards on the sides of barns to in-store promotions like this picture from 1933, Clabber Girl has been the most popular baking powder in the decades since.

How does baking powder work?

Clabber Girl is a double acting baking powder. The formula starts working when it is combined with a liquid and then again when exposed to heat. We call Clabber Girl the balanced baking powder due to the even release of leavening power both in the mixing bowl and the oven. Baking powder gives a light and fluffy texture when used. You can even use it in non-traditional ways such as adding some to pie crust, scrambled eggs and even mashed potatoes for a lighter texture.

Thank you again for enjoying baking and sharing this love with others. You have kept us going strong for over 100 years!