Food Allergy Substitution Infographics

Bake the best allergy free desserts around!

Hardly a dinner party or cook out seems to pass without the concern of food allergies having to be considered. We have put together these food allergy substitution infographics to help out.

Butter, Milk, and Egg

It’s no secret that butter, milk and eggs are core ingredients to many of our favorite desserts. But just because someone you know has a food allergy, doesn’t mean they have to miss out! Check out this allergy substitution infographic to make your recipes allergy free.



Gluten-Free Flour Mixtures

To ensure that your gluten-free desserts are absolutely delicious, make sure that you are using the right flour mixture. This infographic will help you decide which gluten-free flour mixture is best for your sweet treats.

gluten free flours


Gluten-Free Problems and Solutions

Sometimes baking gluten-free has its difficulties. Our infographic provides solutions to some of the most common gluten-free baking problems so that you can bake the perfect dessert every time.


With the help of these food allergy substitution infographics, you can bake up just about any allergy free or gluten free recipe you want! And don’t forget to check out our allergy-free and gluten-free Pinterest boards for recipes, tips and tricks!