Three Twists on Carrot Cake

 Happy National Carrot Cake Day!!

With a food holiday almost every day of the year, there is always a reason to get in the kitchen and bake. Today is no different—happy National Carrot Cake Day!  There are so many variations of carrot cake. Do you add coconut, pineapple or raisins? Or are you a purist that sticks with the classic carrot and spice? Or maybe you’re still trying to decide? If so, here are three of our favorite carrot cake recipes with a twist.

Have you ever tried having cream-cheese filled sandwiches for dessert? Or you can practice your fancy frosting skills and pipe fluffy cream cheese goodness onto these kid-friendly, nut-free cupcakes. And we know you will be the supermom of the basketball team by bringing cake to practice.

There is only one official carrot cake day, but this delicious spiced cake is always in season. For even more carrot cake recipes to last all year long, visit our recipe database.


    1. Hi Valerie,

      Here are the carrot cake and bread recipes:

      Carrot Apple Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting: http://clabbergirl/consumer/recipes/index.php?mode=recipe&recipe=1212

      Dulce de leche Carrot Cake with Dulce Cream Cheese Icing: http://clabbergirl/consumer/recipes/index.php?mode=recipe&recipe=954

      Cream Cheese Filled Carrot Cake Sandwiches: http://clabbergirl/consumer/recipes/index.php?mode=recipe&recipe=2141

      Nut-Free Carrot Cupcakes: http://clabbergirl/consumer/recipes/index.php?mode=recipe&recipe=2022

      Basketball Carrot Cake: http://clabbergirl/consumer/recipes/index.php?mode=recipe&recipe=2119

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