Everything is Better on a Biscuit

Biscuits: they’re for more than just gravy

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Everyone knows biscuits. They’re that friend you call when you’re moving, the neighbors who’re just as good for a cup of milk as they are for sharing dessert, that favorite aunt or uncle with whom you shared everything. Biscuits have a reputation for being a side to something, or else piled with gravy, and it’s true: they are tasty with butter and jam or nestled next to fried chicken. They can be comforting and healthy. What we sometimes forget to appreciate about our biscuit friends is that they are there for us, even when things get a little…unconventional.

Biscuits are a comfort food. They are a celebratory food. We make them when we have a special brunch or when we’re homesick. They are also undeniably quick, versatile, and, well, tasty. It’s always good to have a favorite recipe memorized for those moments where something needs to be ready in a hot minute. The bottom line is: if you’re feeling creative or if you just need a good bread for your sandwich, you can count on biscuits.

Corn Mealies   For example, take a good, smoky barbecue. You could settle for store-bought buns, or worse, weak bread slices. If you’d prefer something with more heart, however, you could whip up a tasty batch of these corn mealies. They’re biscuits with just enough cornmeal for a hearty, slightly sweet grit that will stand up to the sassiest of pulled pork.

Strawberry ShortcakesAnd you haven’t forgotten about strawberry shortcake, have you? Because that sweetheart is always there for a friend in need, especially in spring, and shortcake is another version of a biscuit. Sponge cakes are dainty, but biscuits are loyal.

Old Fashioned Biscuits from Clabber Girl CanSpeaking of dainty: a favorite French-style sandwich is a hunk of baguette sliced in half, smeared with brie and butter, then layered with sweet ham. Not to diminish the lovely baguette, crusty as she is, the same sandwich would be as tasty, if not better, on a warm, classic buttermilk biscuit.

Rosemary BiscuitsAs nice as all of these options are, they are missing one thing: pizza! Make up a batch of these rosemary biscuits to use as dough.  Roll it out thin, give everyone their own portion, and top away! It’s homemade without the need to wait for yeast. These biscuits are just as fun for little hands as they are reliable for big appetites.

Once you remember the friendship biscuits have always given you, the options multiply. Biscuits are made for sandwiches, and they are made for dipping into soups. They can stand up to your eggs Benedict hollandaise just as easily as complement southwest-seasoned sliders. Biscuits are here to help you accomplish your culinary dreams, you just have to let them. If it’s been awhile, invite your favorite biscuit to the party. It’s time you caught up, because almost everything is better on a biscuit!