Clabber Girl Company History

For more than 150 years, Clabber Girl has earned the trust of home cooks and culinary professionals alike, producing a broad range of ingredients, specialty dry mixes and custom leavening systems. We have grown from a wholesale grocery company dating back to the 1850s. By 1899 Clabber brand baking powder had been introduced, and today the Clabber Girl brand, as renamed in 1923, is distributed nationwide and to many different countries around the world.

Clabber Girl Corporation continues to expand its product lines and now distributes baking powder in retail, wholesale and industrial packaging under many different brand names. The business has expanded its food service offerings to include not only baking powder, but baking soda, corn starch and the Royal® brand products which include cheesecake, gelatin, pie fillings and puddings. Industrial formulations are designed specifically for the food service industry and have significantly expanded the partnerships and collaborations that Clabber Girl enjoys today.

Clabber Girl is proud of its heritage and the first floor of the company’s headquarters has been restored to include a museum, bake shop, artisan coffee-roasting operations, and culinary classroom. Here the history of the company is celebrated and visitors can interact with the Clabber Girl family of products.


History Timeline Clabber Girl Corporation