Distribution Channels

Clabber Girl Corporation works with food service distributors to provide quality baking ingredients to establishments all across the United States. The Clabber Girl, Rumford and Royal® brands are used in operations large and small. Depending on the volume of products you need, you have a variety of purchasing options.

Purchasing Clabber Girl through Distributors

In search of Clabber Girl’s high-quality ingredients for use in your food service operation? The entire line of Clabber Girl Food service products, including Clabber Girl, Rumford and Royal Dessert Mixes are available through food service distributors nationwide. Clabber Girl products are available through Dot Foods for distributors purchasing product in small quantities.

Perhaps your operation needs the quality Clabber Girl offers but in smaller than full-case quantities. Many of Clabber Girl’s products are available for purchase as individual items or by the case at cash and carry locations.

Purchasing Online

Visit our online store to purchase food service sizes of Clabber Girl Baking Powder, Corn Starch and Royal® Dessert Mixes.

Purchasing Directly from Clabber Girl

Clabber Girl also offers direct purchases provided minimum quantities are met. Clabber Girl will drop ship your orders directly to the locations specified. Along with our private label services, Clabber Girl makes it easy for food service distributors to provide high quality baking ingredients at an affordable price.

Purchasing from Clabber Girl to Distribute

Clabber Girl works with distributors across the country to make our high-quality products available to food service operations of all sizes and types. Are you interested in learning more about our distributor network and how you might become part of it? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch right away to discuss the opportunity.

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