Clabber Girl Corporation is well known worldwide for its high quality baking powder, but has capabilities that stretch beyond home leavening ingredients. Clabber Girl owns a number of baking ingredient brands and leverages its more than 150 years of leavening experience to come up with solutions for many different markets.

Encapsulation Technology

Clabber Girl has advanced the art and science of baking by developing the solutions our customers need. Clabber Girl’s line of encapsulated baking ingredients continues that tradition of innovation with products give our partners greater control over the baking process for consistently better results and particularly for manufacturers and bakers who need precise leavening at exact times.

Private Label

Clabber Girl works with a wide variety of retailers to provide private label services for baking ingredients. With Clabber Girl private label services, you can build your company’s brand equity and value with your own branded baking ingredients. From manufacturing the product to packaging and delivering to your location(s), Clabber Girl’s private label team will have you covered.

Research & Development

Clabber Girl Corporation employs a full time team of researchers who work to bring new products and flavors to market. They also develop different recipes that can be used for food service applications.

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