Breakfast Better (and save money!)

Not only do made-from-scratch recipes taste better, but they’re better for your wallet too!

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It’s Tax Day and money is on everyone’s mind. Whether you’re expecting to get a refund or to pay a few additional fees, start your day off right with a big, hearty and delicious breakfast. It will give you the energy you need for those last-minute tax returns, and it will be much cheaper than the pre-made breakfast items you buy at the grocery store or your local bakery. Here are four recipes that will make your pockets jingle with a little extra change. Plus, they’re full of the love that only comes from your own kitchen!

Few things will make your morning brighter than a hot biscuit smothered in melted butter and fresh fruit preserves. And while a can of biscuits is an easy solution to a breakfast conundrum, they cost 29 cents a biscuit and are loaded with preservatives. A little elbow grease will get your homemade biscuits for 21 cents a biscuit and won’t contain ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce.

Jumbo muffins in the display window at your local bakery sure do look delicious, but the price is not quite as appetizing. You could purchase a pumpkin muffin for a little over $2.00, or you could bake these equally tasty pumpkin pie muffins for about 45 cents per regular-size muffin or 90 cents  if you use a jumbo-size muffin tray. Not only is it cheaper, but you can freeze the leftover muffins for breakfast next week. Talk about convenience!

Buttermilk pancakes are a staple at all of your favorite diners. But our pancakes will give any pancake house a run for their money. A pancake house may charge more than $5.00 for a stack of five pancakes. However, you can make an entire batch of pancakes for $1.28. Throw a handful of fresh fruit on the top of your pancake stack and it will still be cheaper! Leftovers? Freeze those for a quick breakfast later this week.

Breakfast isn’t the only place where you can save a little money. If pizza is your go-to on soccer practice nights or Friday night family dinners, don’t pick up the phone—start from scratch! Top this pizza dough with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperonis for a mere $6.00. Call any delivery pizza place and you will find yourself paying $15.00.

Not only are home-baked meals cheaper, but they are full of fresh ingredients and allow you to get the family in the kitchen to create lots of love and memories.