Fruitcakes in the Kitchen: Delicious Tips for Baking with Fruit

How to make the most of the summer’s sweetest treats


Nothing wakes up the senses quite like biting into a fresh peach on a hot summer day. A peach’s perfect balance of sweet and tangy delights almost all palates. Frozen or dried can be good – but we all know nothing can take the place of straight from the tree.

With fruits of all shapes and sizes ripening right before our eyes, creative cooks find all kinds of ways to incorporate these delicacies into regular meals. If you’re fortunate enough to go and pick you own, you’ll come home with so many buckets you may not think you have enough recipes.

  1. Think again! Baking with fruit can be quick and easy, especially if you remember these five helpful tips. Use cornstarch for your thickener. When you use flour, the filling turns cloudy. Cornstarch, however, thickens up just as nicely and stays clear, so your blueberries and raspberries sparkle like gems.
  2. Use a glass or dark metal pan for your crust. If you wind up with a soft crust, next time try a glass or dark metal pan. Also, it helps if your filling is chilled when you pour it in.
  3. Get higher peaks with older creamer. Notice we said older, not expired! If you want beautiful thick white tops, use heavy whipping cream that’s around three days old. To ensure it stands properly, you can even chill the bowl and mixer! Setting them in your freezer for 15 or 20 minutes should be enough to do the trick.
  4. Avoid jam consistency. If you want your blackberries to maintain their shape, be sure to get them as fresh as possible. One day off the vine is the perfect vintage. Also, be careful to avoid smashing or squashing them.
  5. Keep your fruit from sinking. Do all your blueberries sink to the bottom of your muffins? Toss them in just a tablespoon or two of flour and they should stay afloat.

Try out these tips with this decadent jumbleberry cobbler!

When you bake with fruits, you’re not only cooking up incredible flavor, but you’re also serving up vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and water. You don’t have to stick with traditional pies and cobblers, either. With flavors ranging from sweet to tart, fruit is the perfect addition to many of recipes you cook every day.

  • Baking bread? Try this mouth-watering blueberry coconut bread. It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. The crunch of the coconut adds an addictive texture.
  • Time for pie? Nothing excites the taste buds like sweet peaches. This peach custard pie topped with meringue is out of this world.
  • Crazy-delicious cupcake recipe? Go nuts with these dulce de leche peach cupcakes.  Topped with sweet dulce de leche and pecans, it is perfect for any occasion or celebration.