Easy Stuffed Biscuits

Homemade dinner for your busy weeknight

This recipe is so easy and versatile. It’s a variation on a classic biscuit recipe and the biscuits bake up beautifully – golden brown and tender.

Although the dough is sticky at first, once you incorporate more flour as you knead it, the dough becomes smooth and easy to handle and roll.

You can try a variety of fillings. Diced chicken and goat cheese. Spinach and feta. Pizza sauce and diced pepperoni. Even sloppy joe or taco filling. In fact, it’s a great way to use up leftovers. This particular recipe calls for diced ham and herbed cream cheese.

complete group

Easy Stuffed Biscuits

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 teaspoons Clabber Girl baking powder

¾ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon chopped fresh thyme (optional)

¼ cup shortening

¼ cup butter

1 egg

2/3 cup milk

6 rounded teaspoons herbed cream cheese

6 teaspoons diced ham

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Grease a six-muffin tin.

Stir together dry ingredients. Cut in shortening and butter. Whisk egg into milk; add to dry ingredients, stirring to combine (dough will be sticky). Turn dough onto floured surface and gently knead 20 times, adding flour as needed.

Roll out dough to a 9-inch circle and cut into six 2-inch biscuits, being careful not to twist the glass or biscuit cutter (twisting the cutter as you push it down to cut out the biscuits will keep them from rising properly).

Press the biscuits into prepared muffin tins, creating an indentation in the middle of each biscuit.

Into each indentation add a teaspoon of cream cheese then diced ham. Roll out remaining dough and cut six more biscuits.

Place atop ham and cream cheese, tucking the biscuit edges into the muffin tin.

Bake at 450 degrees 10 to 12 minutes until light golden brown.


Thanksgiving Bread Basket

What will be in your bread basket?

The turkey gets a lot of talk. The stuffing is carefully seasoned. The pie crusts are delicately rolled out and the pumpkin filling properly spiced. But what about the bread? For some, Grandma’s age-old yeast roll recipe is a Thanksgiving must, while others stick to buttermilk biscuits or cornbread. And while all of these are delicious traditional options, what if your family doesn’t have a bread tradition? Or, better yet, maybe your Friendsgiving is an opportunity to take a (gasp) break from tradition?

bread basket

Double duty options

Add dimension and whole-grain flavor to your Thanksgiving table with this seeded wheat quick bread.  With no yeast needed, this bread has crusty goodness you like without all of the extra time and work. Make a double batch and the leftovers can be used for a turkey sandwich on Friday.

Havarti cheese and dill flavors will give your basic buttermilk biscuits a holiday makeover!

Or maybe you want to stick with the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving?

Move the sweet potatoes from the casserole dish to the breadbasket? These sweet potato biscuits have the familiar hints of cinnamon and nutmeg that you have come to know and love with this side dish.

Baking gluten-free bread this Thanksgiving?

These white cheddar scallion biscuits have the cheesy goodness that you crave. Another good, cheesy gluten-free option—gluten-free parmesan rosemary rolls. Who doesn’t love a good herb-filled dinner roll at the Thanksgiving table?

Choose one or all six. Whatever your choice, you’re bound to surprise your guests by breaking with tradition and having a little adventure in the kitchen this Thanksgiving!

Quick Fix Flour Infographics

Bake every day, all day with these tips and tricks!

It happens to all of us- a strong craving for cookies hits but we’re out of all-purpose flour! Or a recipe calls for cake flour and a special trip to the store is out of the question. What’s one to do in such situations? Check out these handy flour infographics for help on how to make the best of any kitchen conundrum!


Flour Substitutions

When you run out of good ol’ all-purpose, have no fear! You can substitute any flour using these instructions.

All-purpose flour substitution infographic

Different Types of Flour

If you’re not quite sure which flour to use for a certain recipe, check out this guide!

Flour protein content by type and best use infographic


DIY Flour Mixes

If you don’t have bread flour, make your own! We can show you how!

diy flour mix infographic


For even more tips and tricks to better your baking, check out our Pinterest board.

10 Things to do with Your Baking Powder Can

It’s for more than just baking powder

When you’ve used the last of your Clabber Girl baking powder, think twice before throwing away your empty can. Here are just a few ways that you can re-purpose your baking powder can:


  1. Art Supplies: Now your crayons, pencils and pens don’t have to roll all over your desk.
  2. Yogurt Stick Holder: Leaving these laying around in the fridge may lead to a yogurt-y mess. Keep your yogurt sticks upright (and save fridge space!) to ensure that yogurt doesn’t bust or leak.
  3. Snack Container: Just fill and go! Perfect for lunch boxes, on-the-go snacks, and road trips.
  4. Craft Supplies: Keep the kids’ craft supplies all nice, neat and tidy. (Mom hack: one can for each type of craft supply can teach the kiddos organization too!)
  5. Ribbon Holder: Cut small slits in the top of the lid. Place the ribbon in the bottom of the canister and thread through the slits. Your ribbon will never be tangled again!
  6. Piggy Bank: Cut a small hole in the top of the lid and start saving!
  7. Flower Vase: Add a little bit of potting soil to the bottom of the container, cut the stems to size and plant. Perfect for centerpieces! (Don’t forget to water the flowers!)
  8. Sewing Kit: Create a small pin cushion by wrapping fabric around a group of cotton balls. Glue the pincushion on the lid of the baking powder can. Fill the inside of the can with needles, pins, thread, buttons and anything else you might need in a mending bind!
  9. Makeup Brush Holder: Stop losing your brushes in the back of the bathroom drawer!
  10. Bird Feeder: Smear peanut butter over the entire can. Roll the canister in bird seed. Set outside and watch the happy, little hungry birds!

Have other ideas for your Clabber Girl baking powder can? Share with us by commenting below!

Savory Zucchini Skillet Cake

A how-to for summer’s favorite veggie

Zucchini presents the classic summertime conundrum. The good news is that it’s easy to grow. The bad news? It’s so easy to grow that anyone who includes it in a vegetable garden is pretty much guaranteed to have more zucchini than they can use. One they’ve shared the bounty with co-workers and neighbors, they’ll then spend the months of August and September trying to slip the prolific squash into as many recipes as possible. Happily, though, zucchini is an easygoing ingredient, and its mild flavor works well in all sorts of dishes. It can also play a starring role, as it does in this Savory Zucchini Skillet Cake. Paired with a salad, this vegetarian recipe makes a great light entrée. It also lends itself to improvisation and is great with even more veggies tossed in — or add some cooked sausage or ground beef for a heartier dish.

Savory Zucchini Skillet Cake 2 (1)


Savory Zucchini Skillet Cake

Serves 8

1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil

6 cups diced zucchini (about 3 medium)

1 cup chopped onions (about 1 medium)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 ½ cups flour

2 ¼ teaspoons Clabber Girl baking powder

¾ teaspoons salt

½ teaspoon dried oregano

¼ cup vegetable oil

4 beaten eggs

1 cup shredded cheddar or taco cheese

Smoked paprika

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large non-stick skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the zucchini and onions, season generously to taste with salt and pepper and sauté until onions are softened, about 5 minutes. Set aside.

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and oregano. Stir in oil until flour is moistened. Add shredded cheese and sautéed zucchini and onions and stir well to combine. Batter will be thick.

Lightly oil a 10-inch iron skillet. Transfer batter to oiled skillet, sprinkle with smoked paprika and bake at 350 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes. Cut into slices. Serve hot or at room temperature.


Celebrating the Sisterhood

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 9:   A memorial service in honor of the late Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, Federal Minister for Minorities' Affairs Wednesday March 9, 2011 at the Embassy of Pakistan.  Bhatti, a practicing Catholic, was assassinated by a Taliban faction for being a "know blasphemer."  (photo by Dayna Smith/for the Washington Post)

A bond between sisters is special—she is the one you tell your secrets to, the one with whom you share inside jokes, the one you go to when that boy breaks your heart and the one you have “junk food Friday” with, staying up and baking cookies well past midnight. As we celebrate Sisters Day, we wanted to not only celebrate our best friends and partners-in-crime, but also talk with a pair of sisters who have gone above and beyond the normal duties of sisters and gone into the baking business together. Katherine and Sophie of Georgetown Cupcake and stars of TLC’s DC Cupcakes took the time to tell us about their unique relationship as both sisters and business owners.


  1. What is the best part about working with your sister? How has building this bakery together changed your relationship?

The best part about working with your sister is the ability to be completely candid and open with each other and that is extremely helpful when running a business. The relationship you have with your sister is a very special one, unlike any relationship you’ll have with anyone else. We don’t take criticism personally and we can have very honest discussions about our business without having to worry about hurting each other’s feelings. Building Georgetown Cupcake together has brought us even closer together as sisters. Starting a business, especially a bakery, is very daunting – the hours are grueling and the work is non-stop – but having your sister working side-by-side with you, as your support system, makes the world of difference. We know each other better than anyone else and we know our strengths and weakness and can complement each other’s skills to make Georgetown Cupcake the best bakery it can be.


  1. What is your earliest memory together in the kitchen? Who was your biggest baking inspiration growing up?

Our earliest memories of baking together in the kitchen are with our grandmother. Our grandparents were from Greece and they lived down the street from us. Because our parents both worked full-time, we spent much of our early childhood with our grandmother, baking together in the kitchen. At first, when we were really young, we would just watch her, and slowly, we began to help. Our grandmother taught us how to bake and we developed our passion for baking from her. Our grandmother was a very strong influence on us growing up and our biggest inspiration for starting Georgetown Cupcake.


  1. What is the best sisterly advice you can give?

The best sisterly advice we can give is to be completely candid with each other 100% of the time and know that your sister’s love is unconditional. Fans of our show (DC Cupcakes on TLC) can see that we often argue with each other about ideas for new cupcake flavors and other bakery dilemmas, but ten minutes later, the arguing is forgotten, and because of our frank and honest conversation, we really end up making the best decision. Your sister is the one person who will always tell you like it is, but at the same time, she will always be there for you, no matter what the situation. Even though we fought all the time growing up, like most sisters do, our grandmother always said that we would be best friends and she was right. Your sister is your best friend for life.


Fruitcakes in the Kitchen: Delicious Tips for Baking with Fruit

How to make the most of the summer’s sweetest treats


Nothing wakes up the senses quite like biting into a fresh peach on a hot summer day. A peach’s perfect balance of sweet and tangy delights almost all palates. Frozen or dried can be good – but we all know nothing can take the place of straight from the tree.

With fruits of all shapes and sizes ripening right before our eyes, creative cooks find all kinds of ways to incorporate these delicacies into regular meals. If you’re fortunate enough to go and pick you own, you’ll come home with so many buckets you may not think you have enough recipes.

  1. Think again! Baking with fruit can be quick and easy, especially if you remember these five helpful tips. Use cornstarch for your thickener. When you use flour, the filling turns cloudy. Cornstarch, however, thickens up just as nicely and stays clear, so your blueberries and raspberries sparkle like gems.
  2. Use a glass or dark metal pan for your crust. If you wind up with a soft crust, next time try a glass or dark metal pan. Also, it helps if your filling is chilled when you pour it in.
  3. Get higher peaks with older creamer. Notice we said older, not expired! If you want beautiful thick white tops, use heavy whipping cream that’s around three days old. To ensure it stands properly, you can even chill the bowl and mixer! Setting them in your freezer for 15 or 20 minutes should be enough to do the trick.
  4. Avoid jam consistency. If you want your blackberries to maintain their shape, be sure to get them as fresh as possible. One day off the vine is the perfect vintage. Also, be careful to avoid smashing or squashing them.
  5. Keep your fruit from sinking. Do all your blueberries sink to the bottom of your muffins? Toss them in just a tablespoon or two of flour and they should stay afloat.

Try out these tips with this decadent jumbleberry cobbler!

When you bake with fruits, you’re not only cooking up incredible flavor, but you’re also serving up vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and water. You don’t have to stick with traditional pies and cobblers, either. With flavors ranging from sweet to tart, fruit is the perfect addition to many of recipes you cook every day.

  • Baking bread? Try this mouth-watering blueberry coconut bread. It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. The crunch of the coconut adds an addictive texture.
  • Time for pie? Nothing excites the taste buds like sweet peaches. This peach custard pie topped with meringue is out of this world.
  • Crazy-delicious cupcake recipe? Go nuts with these dulce de leche peach cupcakes.  Topped with sweet dulce de leche and pecans, it is perfect for any occasion or celebration.

Drinks and Desserts

How to create an artful masterpiece

Farm to Fork_0059 (1)

Warm weather is a time for dinner parties on the patio, or else with the windows open and music accompanying the breezes that tug at your table cloth. It’s not bad planning to have a few favorite meals in your repertoire for such celebrations, and we all have our go-to menus in case of an unexpected guest or six. Sometimes, though, the soup pot needs stirring. As flowers open up their summertime palettes, so, too, can your dinner table become a colorful arrangement of flavor. The perfect ending to the night? Drinks and desserts.

Uncertain about making a bit of art? Don’t be! One popular way to start planning a meal is with a theme. On the other hand, you could work backwards and maybe have a bit more fun: pick dessert first. After all, if you know where you’re going to end up, the rest of the meal practically plans itself. For a few ideas, here are some complementary colors to potentially fit your next dinner scheme.

Irish Coffee and Sticky Toffee Pudding

Bitter black coffee with a touch of brown sugar and Irish whiskey couldn’t go with anything better than a decadent pudding. Proof that they’re a match made in heaven: you can top them both with homemade whipped cream. This combination is as dark and homey as a classic pub poster.

Long Island Iced Tea and Peach Cobbler

Aunties-Peach-CobblerEven though there’s no actual tea in the classic Long Island, it’s refreshing and sweet enough to have on a front porch some summer evening with a scoop of homey peach cobbler. As peaceful as a still-life, but nowhere near boring.

Sambuca and Lemony Mascarpone Cake

Sambuca’s sweet, licorice flavor will complement the mellow mascarpone and the tart lemon and raspberries in this cake.  As an aperitif, Sambuca is fabulous on its own. Chilled and paired with dessert, it’s like a portrait turned into a scene in a ballet.

Sauternes Wine and Baked Brie

While considering sweet drinks to have with your dessert, Sauternes, chilled to near frostiness and golden in color, will take you straight to Paris when paired with a brie wrapped in pastry and baked until it’s warm and gooey. Serve with fresh fruit or fruit preserves, and you have potentially outdone the Impressionists.

Cuba Libre and Flan with Mandarins

If you’re planning a casual, fun night, this might be the combination to finish it right. Potentially underestimated, the rum and cola combination is acidic enough to work with the flan, spicy enough to add to it, and there’s just enough caramel in both of them to complete the harmony.  It’s like the Golden Mean, in dessert form.

Reposado Tequila and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches

Dulce-Ice-Cream-with-PeachesBelieve it or not, tequila isn’t just meant for shots or margaritas. Instead, try sipping a mellow, aged reposado with orange and cinnamon alongside this creamy, sweet dish. It’s sugar, spice, and everything nice. Bonus: fry your ice cream, if you can, and you won’t need to go southwest to see a painted desert.

Whatever your favorite dishes are, there are ways to work them into an artistic dinner plan.  With enough practice, the canvas of your table will evolve into a gallery of flavors and textures.  Try combinations until what you’re tasting makes you happy, and remember: artists never got famous by playing it safe.  Either way, if all else fails, there’s always dessert!


Food Allergy Substitution Infographics

Bake the best allergy free desserts around!

Hardly a dinner party or cook out seems to pass without the concern of food allergies having to be considered. We have put together these food allergy substitution infographics to help out.

Butter, Milk, and Egg

It’s no secret that butter, milk and eggs are core ingredients to many of our favorite desserts. But just because someone you know has a food allergy, doesn’t mean they have to miss out! Check out this allergy substitution infographic to make your recipes allergy free.



Gluten-Free Flour Mixtures

To ensure that your gluten-free desserts are absolutely delicious, make sure that you are using the right flour mixture. This infographic will help you decide which gluten-free flour mixture is best for your sweet treats.

gluten free flours


Gluten-Free Problems and Solutions

Sometimes baking gluten-free has its difficulties. Our infographic provides solutions to some of the most common gluten-free baking problems so that you can bake the perfect dessert every time.


With the help of these food allergy substitution infographics, you can bake up just about any allergy free or gluten free recipe you want! And don’t forget to check out our allergy-free and gluten-free Pinterest boards for recipes, tips and tricks!



Quick Hamburger Buns


By Jolene Ketzenberger

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to the summertime cook-out season, and plenty of folks will be kicking off summer by firing up the grill. In fact a recent survey by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association showed that 80 percent of all U.S. households own some sort of grill, and yes, Memorial Day ranks as one of the most popular grilling holidays – just behind the Fourth of July and just ahead of Labor Day.

As for what we’ll all be grilling on Memorial Day, burgers typically top the list (followed closely by steak and hot dogs, of course). And for all those juicy burgers coming off the grill, you need a bun that can take the heat. These quick hamburger burger buns bake up beautifully, with a sturdy bottom that stands up to whatever you can pile on, but with an interior texture that’s surprisingly light.

They’re also quick and easy to make – no yeast and no rising time. Now, admittedly, the dough is sticky, and things can get a little messy when you scoop it out and plop it on the baking sheet. But just keep a bowl of water handy and wet your fingers before you scoop and shape the dough to make it easier to handle.

This recipe easily yields 6 to 8 large buns; you can also make them smaller if you’re serving sliders.

Baking Powder Hamburger Buns

Makes 6-8

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 teaspoons Clabber Girl baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar

1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

¾ cup buttermilk

2 eggs

Sesame seeds, optional

Cook’s note: The dough is sticky, so do keep a bowl of water handy to wet your hands before scooping out the dough for each bun and smoothing out the tops.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray.


In a mixing bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and baking soda.


Add buttermilk and eggs and beat on low speed 30 seconds until combined, then beat 1 minute on high speed.


Dough will be sticky and will have the appearance of frosting.

With wet hands, scoop out 6 to 8 even portions of dough and place them on prepared baking sheet, mounding the dough slightly into a bun shape.


Re-wet fingers and smooth the tops and sides of each bun. If desired, sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Allow to cool. Slice buns lengthwise.


Serve with burgers, chicken, fish, veggies or whatever you like!