10 Things to do with Your Baking Powder Can

It’s for more than just baking powder

When you’ve used the last of your Clabber Girl baking powder, think twice before throwing away your empty can. Here are just a few ways that you can re-purpose your baking powder can:


  1. Art Supplies: Now your crayons, pencils and pens don’t have to roll all over your desk.
  2. Yogurt Stick Holder: Leaving these laying around in the fridge may lead to a yogurt-y mess. Keep your yogurt sticks upright (and save fridge space!) to ensure that yogurt doesn’t bust or leak.
  3. Snack Container: Just fill and go! Perfect for lunch boxes, on-the-go snacks, and road trips.
  4. Craft Supplies: Keep the kids’ craft supplies all nice, neat and tidy. (Mom hack: one can for each type of craft supply can teach the kiddos organization too!)
  5. Ribbon Holder: Cut small slits in the top of the lid. Place the ribbon in the bottom of the canister and thread through the slits. Your ribbon will never be tangled again!
  6. Piggy Bank: Cut a small hole in the top of the lid and start saving!
  7. Flower Vase: Add a little bit of potting soil to the bottom of the container, cut the stems to size and plant. Perfect for centerpieces! (Don’t forget to water the flowers!)
  8. Sewing Kit: Create a small pin cushion by wrapping fabric around a group of cotton balls. Glue the pincushion on the lid of the baking powder can. Fill the inside of the can with needles, pins, thread, buttons and anything else you might need in a mending bind!
  9. Makeup Brush Holder: Stop losing your brushes in the back of the bathroom drawer!
  10. Bird Feeder: Smear peanut butter over the entire can. Roll the canister in bird seed. Set outside and watch the happy, little hungry birds!

Have other ideas for your Clabber Girl baking powder can? Share with us by commenting below!